Last Night’s HIMYM: Do Old People Really Magically Sense When You Say Mandy Patinkin

MandyPatinkin_1946Sure, “Buffet”, “Coupons,” and “60 Minutes” I get, but Patinkin? Is it the Broadway stuff? Or because “Criminal Minds” was on CBS, the seniors network of choice? Because the guy was also in “Princess Bride”, and “Dead Like Me”, and “HOMELAND” – which are plenty popular with the non-geezer crowd.

I’m more inclined to be forgiving of HIMYM, since we’re in the final season. This is not a great show, and it hasn’t been for years, but it is still a show that has GREAT moments, and I will miss these characters when they’re gone. Well, not Ted. But still..

And “How I Met Your Mother”is one of the few sitcoms that makes me feel things other than laughter and/or annoyance.   So maybe my impressions are a little more favorable than is called for, and if so, that’s why.

That’s my long drawn out way of saying I enjoyed last night’s episode. I was worried about this whole “A Year in the Life of One Wedding Weekend” format, and I still have reservations, but for the most part I thought this was a pretty strong showing.  We got evidence that Barney and Robin actually like each other (sometimes this show skips over that part). We got making fun of old people (always funny). We got just the right amount Wayne Brady (90 seconds is my limit). Most importantly, we got some great Lily-Ted scenes – illustrating that they have been friends nearly as long Ted and Marshall – and some fantastic flashbacks/nods to the shows continuity, sure to please longtime fans.

 Coupla things:

  1. I will never not giggle like a schoolgirl when two guys talk about a “sword fight”
  2. Marshall made an excellent point about Fezzick in Princess Bride. He did do more than one thing right, and a simple “Thanks for the horses” would have been more appropriate Inigo.
  3. I realize there is some confusion about Inigo Montoya’s name. Specifically, most people think it is INDIGO Montoya, and it is not. However Lily is a human girl who lived in America in the 1980s, not under a rock. No way did she really believe his name was “Rodrigo De Goya”
  4. OF COURSE Ted talks to buildings. Of course he does.
  5. Like old people, old-timey bathing suits are also always funny. But why did Ted’s include SOCKS?
  6. Did Jason Segal do something to the writers? Why is he trapped in this silly road trip storyline?
  7. Barney and Robin are my age, and they have a TON of old relatives (mine have been slowly dying off since my early 20s). Do people in their family just live forever? If so, it makes sense for them to worry if they’re still gonna be hitting it in 60 years….

Next week: According to the promo, PATRICE


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